Is this just a music lesson? What makes it different?

No, it is much more! Yes, you do get a weekly lesson with regard to your instrument of choice, but the rehearsal involves music theory, learning songs, music exercises, correct band equipment set-up/break-down, having fun playing music with others, plus so much more! Then you get to play a full set of songs with your band at a local venue for your family and friends.

Do you offer private lessons?

We do offer private lessons in guitar, drums, bass, vocals, and keys/piano. Lessons are 30 minutes each week and are available currently on Monday evening from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and Wednesday evenings from 5:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Other days and times are possible. Lessons are for kids, teens, and adults from beginners to advanced musicians.   

How well do I need to know how to play an instrument and/or sing to be part of RiverCity Rock Star Academy (RRSA)?

If you have some basic familiarity with an instrument and music we will get you playing with others and perform in a live show. However, you need to do your part and work hard during rehearsals and practice at home in between rehearsals, or it simply won't work for you or your bandmates. 

Do I need to know how to read sheet music?

No, it's not required, but always helpful. We will teach you what you will need to know for your part in a song.  

Do I need to have my own instrument for RRSA? 

No, it's not required to have your own instrument (we will have instruments available at the weekly rehearsals). 

I have an instrument, can I bring it to the rehearsal?

Absolutely!  Although we will have instruments available at the weekly rehearsals, it's always helpful to get comfortable with your own instrument(s) and have it available to practice at home in between rehearsal times.

What if I would like to play more than one instrument or also sing?

That's great! You'll have the opportunity to play multiple instruments and/or sing if you're interested.

RRSA sounds great, but am I too young or too old for the program?

We have programs for kids, teens and adults! We have four programs to choose from Pop Rocks Program for kids Ages 6 to 11, Young Rockers for kids and teens ages 8 to 14, Rockers for teens ages 12 to 18, and our Renégade (program for adults ages 18+). 

Is RRSA only for boys?

It's not!  We encourage both boy and girl rockers to enroll! 

Why does it cost so much?

It may seem expensive but when you add up all of the time for rehearsals, shows, and high quality instruction, our program tuition is far less than other activities such as youth sports or other extra curricular activities. At RiverCity Rock Star Academy our regular prices are at least 33% less expensive than programs in the Portland area. We offer special pricing on a regular basis and we always offer additional savings of 5% for our Family Plan each for siblings and qualified referrals. In addition to weekly instruction from music professionals, students receive a RiverCity Rock Star Academy t-shirt, two complimentary tickets to the end of the season show, and include professional photos and video taken at the end of the season concert.

What is the Family Plan?

We offer a 5% discount to each family member enrolled in our programs.

What is the Join the Band referral program?

Save an additional 5% for each qualified friend you refer to the program and the student also receives a $25 gift card to their choice of Ranch Records, Gov Cup or ABC Music with the 'Join the Band’ referral program

How does billing work?

Our program is based on a 12 week season rehearsal schedule and you will be invoiced on the first of the month when the program begins minus any required deposit. Enrollees can now choose which pricing and payment option works best for them. Choose from one payment in full (for an additional 5% savings) or four monthly payments over the course of the season.  All discounts apply including 5% off each for sibling/family members enrolling during the same season and qualified referrals.  We bill electronically and you can pay with a credit card, Paypal, check and/or cash.

Do you offer scholarships and/or tuition reductions?

RiverCity Rock Star Academy is a participating school of the Ovation Music Fund (formerly known as the Rock School Scholarship Fund). The Ovation Music Fund provides rock school scholarships to qualified students and their families to support local music education.  The Ovation Music Fund is a 501(c)3 non-profit created to provide scholarship funds for children ages 7 to 17 who want to attend a rock music school in their community. As Ovation Music Fund indicates, “we believe in the power of music and that music education should be available to all children”. We are thrilled and grateful that RRSA was chosen as the FIRST rock music school in Oregon to be a Ovation Music Fund participant! This is great for RRSA, for the community and for Oregon! To apply for a scholarship to RRSA through the Ovation Music Fund apply on-line here. Deadlines for applications are December 1st for the Winter Season (starting in January), April 1st for the Summer Season (starting in June) and July 1st for the Fall Season (starting in September). 

If you or your workplace are/is interested in donating to Ovation Music Fund, please click here. Enter “RiverCity Rock Star Academy, Salem, Oregon” in the ‘add special instruction section’, your generous donation will go directly to, and benefit RRSA-only students. All money donated through the Ovation Music Fund will support our community and support music education here in the Salem area.

Do I need to attend all 12 weeks of rehearsals or can I just drop in during a few of the sessions?

The program is set up for the full 12 weeks and it's important to attend each week - otherwise you're not learning and progressing at the same pace as your RRSA bandmates and the songs obviously won't sound right if for example, the drummer only shows up a few times.

How do we go about booking one of your bands for a show or a community event? 

Our program is all about performance and being a part of the Salem community. If you would like to arrange a performance please contact us and let us know details about your event. We ask for either a contribution to our scholarship fund or a reasonable fee to cover staff time. We are happy to talk and see if we can organize and accommodate as best we can. 

Why Salem? 

The Salem-Keizer area has an amazing music tradition, as well as excellent music programs . But Salem needs a place where kids, teens and adults  interested in music can come together, learn together and play together (in a live performance) and have some fun all at the same time!