Rock 'n' Roll Ambassadors

Advanced Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys & Vocals

The Royal Rockers (Royals) Performance Group is an audition-only, skill and experience-based program for advanced students ages 14-20. Students of the Royals performance group will have a multitude of opportunities to perform at community and private events/parties (which could average 1-2 shows per month, although some months may have more performances while others may have less), in addition to their performance showcases for family and friends. This program is designed to give students the experience of a real working band and further excel their confidence and passion for music.

The Royals performance group is an on-going, year-long program and students must be able to commit for the 12 months. Additional audition opportunities may became available throughout the year. Students in the Royals performance group will meet for weekly rehearsals Monday nights from 7-9pm. There are no tuition costs for students who are part of the Royals if they are also enrolled in either the Rockers or Legends of Rock program performance groups during the same session. For those students over 18 who can only participate in the Royals group, tuition pricing is $159 per month (in this case no other discounts apply). 

Students interested in the Royals performance group must audition. Students may audition for vocals, guitar, drums, keyboards or bass. A limited number of students will be selected based on knowledge and experience on their chosen instrument, as well as a positive attitude and enthusiasm for being part of this select group. As a Royal, you serve as ambassadors for RiverCity Rock Star Academy and there is an expectation that you represent the program in the most personable and professional manner possible.

Once selected for this program, students will learn a vast catalog of material and will regularly perform at special events throughout the greater Salem area. Students will be expected to maintain a working knowledge of their songs and attend shows as requested by the Music Director.

Audition Information:

Audition Date: Monday, September 12th, 2016, between 7-9pm

To sign-up for an audition time, send an email to of your interest. 

Audition Requirements:
#1 Students will be required to learn a song of their choice on their chosen instrument. This song will be performed acapella/solo and judged on degree of difficulty and confidence of performance.

#2 Students are required to present an original song or instrumental piece that will be performed acapella/solo. Students will be judged on creativity and originality.

#3 Students are to submit a short essay on what music means to them and how it has shaped their life. The essay should be brought with them to the audition.

Auditions for the Royals Performance Group is open to anyone (between ages of 14-20) but must be enrolled in Legends and/or Rockers to participate in the Royals program. The only exception is for those students that are over the age of 18 and/or special circumstances.

The Royals - AGES 14-20

BENEFITS & Features

  • Opportunity for advanced students to further develop their skills
  • Team of likeminded serious musicians
  • Learn to play the most challenging music
  • Additional performances throughout the year
  • Practical experience to prepare for music education and/or professional music
  • No additional tuition fee for students enrolled in Rockers and/or Legends of Rock


  • If you would like to have The Royals perform at your next event visit our Booking Page


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RiverCity Rock Star Academy
2769 19th Street SE
Salem, OR 97302 


Program Hours

Day (Monday) 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Starting September 12th, 2016

Show Date TBA

Next Season Begins September 12th, 2016