The Royal Rockers (Royals) Performance Group is an audition-only, skill and experience-based program for advanced students ages 14-20. Students of the Royals group will have a multitude of opportunities to perform at community and private events/parties, in addition to their performance showcases for family and friends. This program is designed to give students the experience of a real working band and further excel their confidence and passion for music.



The Royals performance group is an on-going, year-long program and students must be able to commit for no less than 12 months. Additional audition opportunities may became available throughout the year. Students in the Royals performance group will meet for weekly rehearsals Monday nights from 6-9pm (and agreed-upon additional rehearsals, as necessary). There is no tuition cost for students who are part of the Royals, but they must also be enrolled in the Rockers and/or Legends of Rock program performance groups during the same session. Those students that are no longer eligible for enrollment in the Rockers or Legends of Rock (age 19+) may be part of the Royals with a monthly tuition.

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  • Opportunity for advanced students to further develop their skills
  • Team of likeminded serious musicians
  • Learn to play the most challenging music
  • On-going performance opportunities throughout the year
  • Practical experience to prepare for music education and/or professional music
  • No additional tuition fee for the Royals program, but students must be enrolled in Rockers and/or Legends of Rock
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Book the royals 

If you would like to have the Royals perform at your next private party, fundraiser, or community event, please visit our Booking Page   

audition information

The Royals is an audition-only program for qualified students ages 14-20. Auditions are held several times during the year. The Royals meet every week on Mondays from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. for rehearsal (and on additional agreed-upon times, when necessary).  If you would like to audition please visit Royals Audition.