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Workshops & clinics

RiverCity Rock Star Academy provides special workshops, clinics, and special classes throughout the year such as Songwriting, Recording, Advanced Guitar, Summer Mix-Tape, and many more.  Check here for our latest offerings.

Metal Mania (8 Weeks)

Teachers: David, Topher, & Kaylee  

Metal Mania is a special 8 week class  for intermediate and advanced music students that love all types of metal. For guitar, bass, drums, and vocalist ages 12 to 20. Program begins Saturday October 21st from 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM and includes weekly band rehearsal, a weekly 30 minute private lesson, and a season ending show for family and friends at a local music venue. For more information check out Metal Mania.

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Guitar/Bass Tech Workshop

Teachers: Topher & Todd

During Guitar/Bass Tech Time Workshop, students will learn and perform basic care and maintenance for their guitar/bass including:
🎸Cleaning (how to, how often and what supplies to use)
🎸Restringing (how to, how often and sting options)
🎸Guitar/bass issues or damage (how to recognize, what can be done by the student and when to take it to a repair shop)
Workshop Fee
🤘🏻Currently enrolled students in a program – FREE + cost of supplies (supply costs listed on attached registration form) 
🤘🏻Others - $10 + cost of supplies (supply costs listed on attached registration form)
Register for the Guitar/Bass Tech Time Workshop. To guarantee supplies will be received in time, registration must be made no later than Friday, October 20th. Space is limited!